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Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table Review

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table

The Body Champ IT8070 is one of the most affordable inversion tables currently available on the market. For many, this presents an issue as affordability often means compromised quality. What I aim to identify in this Body Champ IT8070 review is whether the quality is compromised and whether the Body Champ still offers worthwhile inversion therapy to consumers. With a price tag of between $100 and $150, it is affordable for just about everybody. From what I can gather, many people have not personally recommended the Body Champ IT8070 to their clients, but only because they believe that other inversion tables have more to offer in terms of quality and features. For some though, the IT8070 is perfect because of the small price tag, and the chance to get started with inversion therapy from the comfort of their own homes. Getting your hands on the Body Champ IT8070 is simple enough. Just place an order on Amazon and you can have the table in your hands within a week.

Body Champ IT8070

Assembly is also rather simple, most people did not find themselves using the instruction booklet. Once assembled, people say that the inversion table looks leaps and bounds above something you would associate with being priced around $100. The padding and the ankle supports look firm and sturdy, and the lower spring-loaded pull pin allows you to easily make ankle adjustments. Other safety features to consider are the four safe and comfortable foam rollers, a safety strap for use while inverted, and U-shaped handrails. The safety strap actually allows you to control and change at which angle you are currently inverting – which is extremely beneficial if you planning to take up inversion therapy as a regular hobby. Finally, the Body Champ IT8070 features a safety lock that can be used when the inversion table is not in use. It’s also important to note that the Body Champ IT8070 is easily folded, and only takes a few seconds to completely fold it down.

Body Champ IT8070 Review & Experience

For me, the reviews of the Body Champ IT8070 seemed quite biased, because I’ve had the pleasure of using an inversion table. However, I didn’t want to compromise review quality, and so I looked at this review as if I were a complete beginner. I also asked one reviewer to impartially review the table, and their complete review can be found below. There is no getting away from the fact that the IT8070 is an inversion table – a device intended to allow you to hang upside down. However, just how effective is the Body Champ IT8070 at tackling back-related pain and symptoms? Is it effective in performing sit-ups and other home core strength exercises?

Spine and back pain

If you have tried and tested the Body Champ IT8070 over a period of one month, you might find it to be quite refreshing. People confirm the inversion table feels sturdy and durable, and they can definitely feel their body being rejuvenated after a 10 – 15-minute inversion therapy session. Getting onto the table is simple, and only takes around 10-seconds. The safety strap is quite remarkable, in regards to the fact that you can control to what degree you are inverted. With most inversion tables, figuring out what degree angle you want to invert at is difficult. The 250-pound total weight capacity is also useful for those who are looking to lose weight whilst incorporating inversion table therapy into their daily routine. In terms of comfort, the four foam rollers provide extreme amounts of comfort to your ankles. The foam cushion on the actual table supports your back and ensures that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort.

As you are inverting, you will notice that the U-shaped handrails come in handy. It’s difficult to slip while holding onto them – which can’t be said for other inversion tables. For me, safety and comfort have to be a top priority with any inversion table, and I strongly believe that Body Champ IT8070 will meet and exceed the expectations of anybody looking to begin inversion therapy. There are so many safety features built into the device that I would be shocked if anybody encountered an injury while inverting.


Because I had never used the Body Champ IT8070 before, I contacted a reviewer, who wrote a diary extract shown below.

Week 1: “During week one, I didn’t feel much relief from using the Body Champ IT8070. If anything, I actually felt like I was going to sleep feeling worse than when I woke up. For the first three days of use, using the inversion table felt like a struggle. I was only able to bear the pain for a matter of minutes, and I felt no immediate sense of relief.”

Week 2: “Week two was different in the sense that I was now more motivated to actually use the table. Instead of inverting for a period of 2 – 3 minutes, I decided to try and raise this to between 7 and 8 minutes. Although it was difficult to bear the pain for such a prolonged period, I finally started to feel refreshed and rejuvenated after an inversion therapy session. The Body Champ IT8070 is extremely comfortable, and the only thing making it uncomfortable was my herniated disc. During week two, I did start to feel relief at bedtime and noticed that my back pain had subsided somewhat.”

Week 3: “The third week was a breakthrough for me. I physically and mentally noticed that my back pain was subsiding. After consulting with Richard during week three, I was told that my discs were beginning to rejuvenate and strengthen – which could explain the reduction in pain. For the first time in 5-years, I was able to go sleep without taking painkillers.”

Week 4: “By week four, I was inverting for a period of 10 – 15 minutes. I found that this period of time was ideal for me. I also started to incorporate inversion table exercises into my therapy workout. By the end of week four, I had no noticeable pain or discomfort during inversion therapy, and my day-to-day pain had been greatly reduced. The only concern I have with the Body Champ IT8070 is that the footrests get quite uncomfortable after a prolonged period, but this is the only drawback I have found thus far. I combated the discomfort by wearing tennis shoes – which eliminated the problem.”

My Final Conclusion

The Body Champ IT8070 has the opportunity to revolutionize the inversion table industry. Other manufacturers will need to keep a close eye on Body Champ, as they continue to break through into the market with well-priced inversion tables. Their flagship model, the IT8070, shows that affordability doesn’t need to compromise quality. While the Body Champ IT8070 lacks features that more expensive models come with, it does provide the end-user with a fulfilling and rejuvenating experience.

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