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Body Max IT6000 Inversion Table Review

Body Max IT6000 Inversion Table

The Body Max IT6000 is one of the all-time best-selling inversion tables available today. Figuring out why isn’t difficult. At just over $100, the Body Max IT6000 might be one of the most affordable inversion tables available. However, for many, including myself, this makes me skeptical. I want to know, can the Body Max IT6000 live up to the expectations and needs of consumers like many of the more advanced tables can?

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Currently, the Body Max IT6000 is marketed as an entry-level inversion table that allows anybody and everybody to get started with inversion therapy. Its primary purpose is to help users elongate their spines and relax their back muscles. There are no advanced features on this particular model, and you should be aware that this table only exists as an entry-level option. The deluxe dual-pin adjustment system compensates for individuals with a height between 4’8 and 6’3. The table currently has a 250-pound capacity which is less than other models, but sufficient for the average person. The Body Max IT6000 comes with a safety strap and lock for safe inverting, and the lower spring-loaded pull pin allows you to easily adjust the ankle straps.

You can order the Body Max IT6000 from Amazon as they have it on offer many times of the year. The set-up and construction of the table are simple and will fold away quite neatly once assembled. Once assembled though, you can really see that the Body Max IT6000 is actually quite sturdy in nature. Reviewers have described the table as being “rugged”, and complimented on its strength. In terms of comfort, there is much to be desired. The padding is not comfortable, and is about as basic as you can get – but what more can you expect from a table that costs less than $150?

Max IT6000 Review & Experience

One reviewer did have a chance to use the table for roughly two weeks. “For me, the Body Max IT6000 serves as an entry-level inversion table, and users should not expect too much from it,” he said. It is somewhat comfortable, but not nearly as comfortable as the Teeter Hang-Ups 960 most people agree. The ankle-pads are strong and sturdy, although you might feel the issue of your feet moving around whilst inverting; which is never a good sign. The hold-on bars are not as comfortable, or well-positioned as other models, but they are suitable for beginners who are merely looking to experiment with inversion therapy.

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In terms of the positives people have experienced, they found that the Body Max IT6000 actually rotates to quite a high degree. Many inversion tables don’t allow you to completely tilt upside down, but this wasn’t an issue for the IT6000 it seems. Once inverted, you can feel comfortable and also your spine decompressing and rejuvenating.

I strongly believe that the Body Max will be effective in helping not only the average person, but clients to alleviate their symptoms and reduce their lower back pain. It’s completely true that you get what you pay for. The Body Max IT6000 will be perfect because of the smaller price tag. For those who have more serious problems, or simply want the best, I don’t think the IT6000 can compete with any of the current Teeter models available on the market.

Real Documentated Case Study

As my regular readers will know, the bulk of my reviews come from reviewers who have had a chance to actually use the inversion table while suffering from some form of back pain. In this case, any user has noticed an onset of lower back pain that could not be attributed to any single cause. Below is one documented diary from the five-week diary where she used the table.

Week 1: “During week one, I used the Body Max IT6000 at regular intervals throughout the day. I typically inverted for a period of 2 – 3 minutes reaching about a 100-degree angle. I tried to invert three times per day, although this was sometimes reduced due to work commitments. By the end of week one, I had not noticed any substantial improvement in my lower back pain.

Week 2: “For week two, I actually took a week off work so that I could concentrate more on the therapy at hand. I increased my inversion time up to 5 – 6 minutes per session and tried to fit in 5 sessions per day. For me, the real eye-opener during week two was my sleeping relief. I got into the habit of using the Body Max IT6000 just before I went to sleep, and I instantly noticed the improvement. For the first time in 4-months, I have been able to sleep without suffering in pain. However, when I woke up, the pain still existed, but the relief was present in comparison to week 1.”

Week 3: “During week three, I made a real breakthrough and managed to completely eliminate my lower back pain. I stuck to the same schedule as week two but also started to eat healthier. I believe that true pain relief comes from the mind, body, and soul. I stuck to a low-carb diet that consisted of mostly protein. I believe the protein provided my body with the nutrients it needed to strengthen my bones and muscles.”

Week 4: “I believe my case study ended at week three, as there were no noticeable improvements during week four. The reason? I managed to achieve complete pain-free relief during week three. During week four, I continued with my protein diet and I felt better every day. I was waking up with more energy, and I felt so much more rejuvenated throughout the day. My pain had completely subsided, and sleeping was no longer a chore. I believe week four is when I first started to have a positive outlook for the future.”

My Final Conclusion

There’s no denying that you won’t get the same safety features and effectiveness from the IT6000 as you would from a Teeter model. However, we are talking about a price difference of around $200. The Body Max IT6000 is currently on offer on Amazon at the time of writing, making it even better to go and pick up a model. If you are on the market for inversion therapy and don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars, this may just be the inversion table for you.

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