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Fibroids and Back Pain

Fibroids and Back Pain

Fibroids and back pain share some relation; in fact, fibroids can be the reason for low back pain. The location and size of a fibroid determine whether it is able to compress the pelvic or sacral nerves and then cause pain. Additionally, uterus enlargement which is caused by the fibroids can create pain. Menstrual bleeding can also be caused by fibroids. Fibroids can be removed because of a number of reasons such as progressive anemia, pain, and bleeding. Fibroids can get cancerous in rare cases and it is therefore important to monitor fibroid size carefully this is more specific in women that are over fifty years of age.

Studies have proven that every three out of every four women develop fibroids of the uterus at some stage of their years of childbearing. However, not all of the women require medical treatment or experience symptoms. For the women who experience the symptoms of fibroids; back pain is considered the most problem which has been reported frequently. Getting to understand fibroids and back pain and all that can be done for it to improve the quality of your life.


The clinic of Mayo defines uterine fibroids as single-cell reproduction in the uterus muscle tissues which are smooth. The mass gets rubbery to touch and gets a pale color. Fibroids are of different sizes and can be the size of a seed or a grapefruit. When the fibroids get large, they are at risk of distorting the uterus, getting to the back or rib cage and causing the development of back pain.


It is still unclear what causes fibroids but hormones, genetics and some other body chemicals can play part in developing fibroids. Studies examine possible causes and the recent information point to a link between the insulin system of a woman and the development of fibroid tumors.

Back Connection

The symptoms of fibroid tumors depend on their size and location. Fibroid causes lower back pain and sometimes radiates down to a single or both legs. Fibroid tumor back pain occurs when the fibroid tumor is pressed on the back spinal nerves.

When the fibroid is pressed upon the rectum you can experience constipation along with leg and lower back pain.


The treatments meant for fibroid tumors are dependent upon the seriousness of the symptoms and the wish of the patient. Fibroid and back pain can be severe, intermittent, or mild. It can have some impact on the day or interfere completely with daily activities. If the fibroid and back pain is interfering with the daily activities and the treatments can be the pain relievers sold over the counter, surgery, and the GnRH agonists such as Lupron which deprive the fibroid of estrogen.


Fibroid tumors rarely get cancerous and are rarely a danger to a patient unless there is a development of complications such as dangerous heavy bleeding. Back pain caused by Fibroids is never dangerous; however, it can get debilitating. The seriousness of the fibroid symptoms can in many cases diminish with the onset of menopause; a majority of physicians prefer to wait and see. If the fibroid and back pain getting in the way of your daily activities then you need to seek medical attention.

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