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Innova Fitness ITX9300 Inversion Table Review

Innova Fitness ITX9300 Inversion Table

As an industry professional, I’ve been around long enough to see Innova develop a reputation for providing quality inversion tables at very good prices, and the ITX9300 is yet another product in their outstanding range. I find myself recommending inversion therapy to people frequently because I have often seen the ways in which it can benefit people and the great effect that it can have on people’s quality of life. Back problems can seriously impair a person’s ability to be active, free, and happy, and when there is a solution as simple and cost-effective as inversion therapy, it becomes impossible not to recommend.

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Innova products, as you can expect, are extremely popular among many people and clients of back therapy clinics, because of their high quality and low price. One of the reviewers did purchase an ITX9300 prior to the testing of it, due to a generalized recommendation I gave to check out at the inversion tables at, and he has seen, over the months, a radical improvement in his ability to live life to the fullest.

The fact is, inversion therapy represents a legitimate and safe alternative to drugs and surgery, and the ITX9300 is exactly the kind of product you need.

It’s great for getting rid of lower back pain, curing sciatica pain, and providing much-needed rejuvenation to the whole spinal column. If you’re considering adding the ITX9300 inversion to your home, you MUST make sure that you read the whole Innova Fitness ITX9300 review.

Innova Fitness ITX9300 Review

The product was bought by a reviewer, and he documented it, to satisfy my professional curiosity. It came in a box so small that he wondered if he had maybe drunkenly ordered something he’d forgotten about. As it turned out, inside the (surprisingly heavy) box were the bits and pieces that comprise the table, he was able to easily put it together in a short period of time, at least by the sounds of it, compared to other herculean struggles with many competing brands, who honestly seem to strive to make the installation process as torturous as possible. There are tools included with the parts, but he opted to use his own, and I would recommend that other customers do the same. If worst comes to worst, though, Innova’s tools are perfectly usable.

Once assembled, he was satisfied that it had wound up resembling the picture on the website, it occurred to me how stylish and attractive it was. He agreed in the context of my home, something you could easily leave slightly out of the way in the living room without it calling attention to itself. It has comfortable foot rollers, a well-padded, supportive backrest, as well as a cozy headrest, all combined to make the experience of hanging upside down as comfortable as possible. Though it’s only necessary to use the machine for a few minutes every day, all the same, you don’t want those few minutes to be unpleasurable, and Innova, as always, has proven themselves up to the task.

It’s difficult to avoid the subject of the ITX9300’s startingly low price, which raises the question of how they could even be turning a profit. It’s a sturdily built machine, even if it does lack some of the more advanced features of the models that can set you back five times as much, and one that does everything that a user of an inversion table would realistically need. When it comes to reactions from people, the clients & chiropractors who go for the more expensive models rarely have dissimilar reactions to the ones who go for the more wallet-friendly ones – the essential thing is the therapy itself, which the ITX9300 is perfectly attuned for, allowing for a wide range of motion, and everything else is essentially window dressing. You want something to eliminate that lower back pain and stretch your back into alignment, and the ITX9300 – in its simple, economical way – does exactly that.

As usual for an Innova product, you can expect the table to last for years. If necessary, because it is lightweight and can be easily folded, you can prop it in a closet whenever it is not needed, though I recommend daily use.


Back trouble

Innova always seems to have the needs of their clients in mind, and this is why a good deal of attention is always placed on making the set-up as simple and painless as possible. He had to admit, at first, all the pieces seemed a bit intimidating, but even somebody who is not a handyman, like him, can put the pieces together with relative ease. The instructions are clear and leave little ambiguity in regard to the construction process. In the event of confusion, however unlikely this may be, Innova’s excellent customer service team is always there to help.

The design of the machine stresses economy and comfort. From head to toe – or toe to head, as the case may be, when you are fully inverted – expect to fit snugly in the machine, as it has excellent, well-padded ankle, back, and head support. While using the ITX9300, he felt just as safe as he would in a machine that might cost three or four times as much, which only further validates my theory about just how well Innova strikes that balance between cost and usability.

As always seems to be the case with Innova, the price of the product is a major selling point, and often the reason back therapy clients end up going with them. Innova is practically giving them away, so anyone who might have any misgivings about inversion therapy no longer has an excuse. Anyone with the self-discipline to get on the machine every single day, for only a few minutes a day, is practically guaranteed to see improvements with their preexisting back troubles.

Finally, as a lightweight device that is perfect for the home, it can be easily moved and stored. Whether you want to shift it into another room or pack it away to retrieve later, it’s extremely portable, and the collapsable design makes it very easy to fit inside a closet.

My Final Conclusion For The Innova Fitness ITX9300 Inversion Table

The ITX9300 typically achieves Innova’s high standards for quality without breaking the purchaser’s bank. As a tool for inversion therapy, it is extremely effective, as well as being very easy to install and use. There is an extensive range of motion with the angle of the inversion, and you are free to choose whatever setting you find most comfortable and beneficial.

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