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Innova Fitness ITX9600 Inversion Table Review

Innova Fitness ITX9600 Inversion Table

Due to the wide variety of inversion table products that are available, it is difficult to review them all, and so I generally find myself sticking to the ones I know in terms of what is recommended to back therapy clients in the industry. As a busy professional, it isn’t often that I get the time to investigate perhaps all the products that I should. Strangely, though, I had the Innova ITX9600 recommended to me by someone who had experienced chronic back pain but found her life turned around by the ITX9600, and so, intrigued by the extremely low cost, I was able to write this review with the help of her as follows:

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“When it was delivered to my door, I was initially concerned that setting it up might be difficult, as there were a lot of parts and the instructions seemed quite complex, but as it turned out, despite not being a handyman at all, I was able to put it together very quickly and easily.” You really don’t have to be an expert to get it going, as I’m glad that Innova has evidently put a great deal of effort into making the initial installation as quick and painless as possible.

Inova Fitness ITX9600 Inversion Table Review

Compared to other products, where the task of setting it up seems to be designed to be as frustrating and arduous as possible, this one has been recommended to be a breeze, and overall, it really goes to show that Innova has more consideration for their clients than many competing brands. Once you hop into the Innova ITX9600 inversion table, you should realize just how strong and sturdy it feels, and as a result, you have a real feeling of safety as you are using it. This is what the reviews I’ve read confirm about this great brand. Closer inspection reveals that the build quality is extremely good (even when it has been put together by someone who isn’t really suited to it!). Additionally, people have found the padding for the back and the cushioning for the legs to be extremely comfortable, and although it is not necessary to use the inversion table for long periods of time, it could easily be used for long stretched without substantial awkwardness or discomfort.

If it is necessary for you to shift it out of the living room or bedroom at one point and then set it up again, it’s worth noting that the process is extremely simple, as the device is easy to store and move. It is a light, an easily transportable product that can be taken out when is convenient and packed away when not needed, even though I would recommend daily use of the product (back patient clients who have used it for some time would agree that a few minutes every morning yields the best results). It is a sleek, attractive table that does not present an eyesore and does not take up much space in the room.

This table has been recommended to many chiropractors and back therapy clinics. Seeing as it is very low-cost compared to other inversion tables and of comparable quality. So far, several of my visitors have contacted me to extol the benefits of the ITX9600.


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More than anything else, it cannot be stressed highly enough just how comfortable this product is. The main surface is well-padded and soft, and the leg holds are so snug that you barely notice them at all. Even the support grips at the side are well placed and comfortable to use. Based on the design of the table and the report from clients, the Innova ITX9600 is extremely effective at eliminating serious, chronic pain. You really only need to spend a couple of minutes a day in it to notice the results. I am very happy to report that the ITX9600 has reduced many people’s pain so significantly that they haven’t needed to see a Dr in months.

Considering the quality of the build, and the level of comfort, it is an exceptionally low price. Since purchasing the product, many people speak about money spent significantly more on competing brands who have not experienced the same level of success as they have found with the ITX9600, which really goes to show, if nothing else, that price isn’t everything. The level of customer service offered by Innova is extremely high. Shortly after purchasing the product somebody lost their copy of the manual and so had to get in touch for a replacement, but they seemed to be extremely helpful and they were able to easily get a replacement.

My Final Conclusion For The Innova Fitness ITX9600

In my field, I have come to learn how debilitating and how much of a struggle chronic back pain can be. People often come to me with horror stories about their reduced ability to work, sleep, and live a fulfilling life. As a result, I have great empathy for those who do have such disorders, and so I feel obliged to wholeheartedly recommend anything than can help. To anyone who experiences chronic back pain, I would happily recommend the Innova ITX9600, as the results that I have learned about have been very positive, and it is clearly a comfortable, well-priced, and easy-to-use product.

Innova makes a quality, sturdy, effective inversion table that feels safe to use and can easily compete with more expensive makes and brands. I hope that people with back problems can experience the improved quality of life that several visitors now enjoy. As I’ve said, it is very easy to put together and use, and in my opinion, can be happily recommended to anyone looking for treatment with back problems.

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