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Ironman iControl 400 Inversion Table Review

Ironman iControl 400 Inversion Table

For those unaware of the inversion table market, which is becoming more sprawling and diverse by the way, the Ironman brand represents the upper tier of quality, and though their prices may be steeper than some competing brands, you can see the evidence of their superior quality in their sturdier designs, more comfortable padding and more innovative features.

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When I recommend inversion tables to my clients, I often find myself suggesting Ironman products, and my recent testing of the Ironman iControl 400 has only strengthened my position. At a support group, I managed to find someone who shared by evangelism about the iControl 400, and many people have enthused to me about similar Ironman products in the past. What really captivated my attention with the Ironman iControl 400 inversion table though, was the automated technology that it comes complete with. As technology evolves, it seems that Ironman has truly set an industry standard, and I’d love to see other manufacturers such as Teeter and Innova follow in their footsteps. Carry on reading my Ironman iControl 400 review to learn more!

My Ironman iControl 400 Experience

As is always unfortunately the case with these things, the inversion table arrives initially in parts and it’s up to you, the consumer, to put it together. Those who aren’t generally too handy around the house (i.e. white-collar professionals like me, who shriek like Janet Leigh in Psycho at a clogged drained) shouldn’t have anything to worry about, as the instructions are quite clear and it doesn’t take too long to put together. The result is something typically sturdy for an Ironman product. When it’s done and dusted, you can see the wide and comfortable back and head support, a vast improvement on the embarrassing sliver you can find on the machines of other, less expensive brands.

The frame is made of steel and certainly looks strong and tough, an impression that is only confirmed when you get inside it and find that its ability to resist and stay resilient in the face of the movement is quite incredible. I myself don’t have back problems, so when testing these products, I find myself using them for ab exercises, and the Ironman iControl 400 was more than strong and sturdy enough to accommodate this. While extremely useful in the treatment of misaligned discs, pinched nerves, and other back, knee, and arm problems, I believe this second use should also be taken into account when talking about inversion tables.

The iControl 400 supports a heavier load than average, which may be of note to people who find that their back problems have led to weight gain or vice versa (not something a lot of people want to address, but something that raises its ugly head in my field frequently enough). I am also unusually tall, and the table was easily able to accommodate me.

I am always concerned about the level of comfort with these things, as an uncomfortable table can, unfortunately, dissuade clients from continuing with their inversion therapy. I’m happy to report that, as is to be expected from Ironman, the padding represents the perfect balance between firm and comfortable, while the footpads put no unnecessary strain on the ankles. Once you lock the table at a 180-degree angle using the iControl system, you are able as comfortable as it’s possible to get while hanging upside down. It is for this reason that I often dissuade clients from going with cheaper tables from inferior brands – if you want to get in the habit of daily use of the inversion table, you need to have a comfortable, pleasant experience, and that’s exactly what the Ironman iControl 400 offers.


jogger with back painWhen you are going to be using an inversion table frequently, it’s important to consider how it’s going to look in your living room, or wherever you set it up. Happily, like the rest of the Ironman range, the iControl 400 looks great anywhere, thanks to its economical and stylish design. While it takes up some space, it’s ultimately worth it for the benefits of comfort and stability that you just can’t get with a smaller, thinner machine.

Proving Ironman’s commitment to providing a customer-friendly experience with all of their products, the process of setting up and installing the table is, as to be expected, fast and painless. There may be those who struggle with the process all the same, but in the event of that, you can be assured that Ironman’s friendly customer support team will be more than happy to help.

Comfort is always essential with an inversion table, and it doesn’t get much more comfortable than the Ironman range. The back support is, as always, wide and spacious, and the upper head section is soft and cozy. You should expect no pain or strain in your ankles, which is a concern many have about inversion tables. All of this is founded upon a strong and sturdy steel frame that can easily withstand the pressures of vigorous exercise, as I have noticed in my experience.

Finally, while Ironman is not known for being an inexpensive brand, considering the quality of build and comfort here, it is actually quite outstanding when compared to similarly priced competitors.

My Final Conclusion For The Ironman iControl 400 Inversion Table

Some may be concerned about spending too much on an inversion table, but frankly, I believe that a bit of extra damage to the wallet is worth it if the added comfort and stability inspires people with back problems to get into the routine of doing something that can be extremely beneficial for them. Inversion therapy is something that I frequently recommend, having been proselytized after many clients enthused to me about the results they had seen, and I know from experience that Ironman puts together an exceptional product. Although cheaper tables may be available, my recommendation is to go with the iControl 400, which provides all the features of a top range table but with the price of a machine of average quality.

I believe that Ironman has struck the perfect balance between cost and quality here, so for anyone looking for an inversion table, whether they experienced with inversion therapy or otherwise, the iControl 400 is an excellent and balanced choice.

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