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Ironman LXT850 Inversion Table Review

Ironman LXT850 Inversion Table

The Ironman LXT850 provides more than just relief to your back. It is actually a complete abs training module that is designed to provide relaxation for the back muscles and the shoulder region. The end result is a complete midriff workout and loosening of the ligaments, muscles, and nerve endings on the back. It provides a total of 10 inversion angles and each targets different sections of the abs starting from the midriff to the lower abdomen region.

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The frame is made from tubular steel with a powder coating that gives it durability and a superior finish while the backrest lets the body relax and gain support thanks to the use of lumbar padding and thick foam. While inverting, it is safe and easy to lock at a particular angle with the use of the Scale Locking System.

Moreover, the ankles never feel a thing because of the unique design of the Comforter ankle holders. The Ironman LXT850 has a maximum user weight restriction of 300 pounds and it lets you invert to any angle while keeping your belongings safe in the handy pouch. To protect your spinal column or back region, it has got grips on the base as well as anti-skid stabilizers on the foot.

Ironman LXT850 Review & Experience

A reviewer on request used this inversion table for two weeks, they tested out each and every feature of the inversion table and had a decent experience. For starters, he felt happy with the purchase as it really does help with sore back muscles. I understand that two weeks is too short of a time to find out if it really does work in the long run or if its benefits are short-lived but at the moment, he felt much better than he had done in the past, so this is a definite benefit.

The Ironman LXT850 did not arrive in pristine condition as the packaging was slightly damaged or roughed up but thankfully nothing inside was damaged or compromised. Assembling together the inversion table was not hard thanks to the detailed instructions it came with. In fact, in just 1 hour he managed to get the thing set up and working perfectly. Although a few steps weren’t clearly mentioned in the manual, he eventually figured it out and completed the assembly.

“The best part about setting it up is that you only need a light screwdriver. ” However soon afterward, he observed that the headrest remains fixed to the table and that there is no way to adjust it. This was a little disappointing to hear about. Now the first time he inverted on the table, he felt an immediate pressure building up on the ankle region. No matter how he adjusted the restrainers, the pressure would remain the same. Only after wearing a pair of thick socks, did he find the pain subside to a manageable amount. Now you may think this to be a major problem but the fact remains that an inversion table is meant to address the back, not your ankles.

So for a person who is suffering from severe back pain, a little discomfort in the ankles is alright as long as he gets immediate relief from the back pain. Well, the moment you invert with the IronMan LXT850, you start feeling the blood reaching your head and the spine extending. This feeling is so surreal at times that if you stretch your sessions too long then you get off the table with the same feeling of being inverted.

Overall, I feel the IronMan LXT850 is a sturdy-looking table and the performance is not bad either. For a therapeutic table, it is well designed to address severe to mild back problems and ease the associated pain. I do feel it will help back loosen up, relax, and get back to your usual self. In my opinion, folks who suffer from sciatica will definitely find this inversion table to be a worthwhile investment.


  • Works on both the back muscles as well as the abs in dual mode.
  • Uses Smart Gear Lock to provide 10 different inversion angles.
  • Ankles lock easily in the Scale Locking system.
  • Personal gear is stored away in the Super Side Holder.

My Final Conclusion For The Ironman LXT850

The Ironman LXT850 retails for less than $300, which actually makes it an affordable inversion table. In such a price range it is hard to see major improvements or a decent performance. However, this inversion table manages to provide immense relief to the back while letting you work on the abs and trim a bit of the waistline.

It is user-friendly, easy to assemble, and super easy to use. Basically, the IronMan LXT850 is an inversion table designed for everyone, whether you have back problems or not. For its versatile and cost-effective design, I give this inversion table a perfect 4.4/5 rating.

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